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See what others are saying about Face Yoga instruction by Denise Livingston:

"My first experience with Face Yoga was wonderful!  I never realized all the muscles in my face until moving them through this yoga practice.  I connected and became more aware of my face, where I hold tenstion, where I felt weakness or inbalance.  It was a unique, powerful, and uplifting class."   -Jennifer Werner (Yoga Instructor & Art Teacher)
"This class was much more than learning facial exercises!  It was a whole health approach to living well.  The idea of getting back to basic skincare naturally and organically makes so much sense and I look forward to learning more about how to take care of myself AND decrease my age lines."  -Betsy Obourn (Speech Therapist)
"Denise's Face Yoga workshop has been a life-enhancing experience on many levels!  Through it I've learned how to be more mindful of my expressions, my nutritional intake, and the products I use on my skin.  Beyond all the fascinating and useful information Denise has provided, I've met a group of amazing, like-minded women who appreciate natural alternatives to self-care.  Just today a friend told me my skin looked more youthful (and she insisted it's not just the summer sun).  In truth I believe I have Denise and Face Yoga--as well as Denise's special oil blends--to thank for the compliment.  Who knew that turning back the clock could be so natural, and so very much fun?  Thank you, Denise!" -Elyn Moldow (Writer & Teacher at Denver Academy)
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"My Face Yoga Skype Session with Denise was extremely helpful. She is knowledgeable, kind, and non-judgmental, all of which put me at ease. I learned a great deal and felt that I could be open about my concerns. She gave me many good suggestions, all of which I am now applying to my practice. Thank you, Denise!"
-Ruthie Bee (Professional Dancer)