The benefits of doing Face Yoga are impressive:

Here are my before and after photos of incorporating Face Yoga Method over a five month period.  In both photos, I have no make up on and I tried to take the photos in the same place and angle.

 As you can see, my face is more defined, I have less wrinkles on my forehead and the lines around the corners of my mouth are less pronounced.  The dark circles under my eyes are lighter.  My overall color is much improved and my melasma(dark brown patches) have faded quite a bit!  My skin looks healthier.  Bottom line is I am thrilled that I've shaved off some years to my appearance!!  This Face Yoga method has yielded great results for me!

before & after photo me 9:16 to 3:16.jpg

Look at my before and after photos below!  I just have eyeliner and mascara on.  Wow, I look 5 years younger in the photo on the right!  Just looking at this comparison makes me feel younger too!  Ugh, I look tired and old on the left photo!   Look how splotchy my complexion is too.  You can see I have much more even toned skin, less dark circles under my eyes, my eyes look brighter, my chin is more defined and my mouth is more symmetrical.    By comparing the two photos, my eyes immediately look at the photo on the right because I look happier and more confident!!  I really love the results I have gotten by incorporating the Face Yoga.  My face care doesn't stop there though, I am still working on reducing the melasma(hyperpymentation) and toning my face.  I'll keep posting my progress!

Before & After 41317.jpg


This is one of Fumiko's Face Yoga students from France, Anne-Marie.  Wow!  What an improvement!  A lot less wrinkles and she looks so much more youthful!