Repurposing With A Purpose


I get great satisfaction when I am able to repurpose things.  Especially items I find in the alley and I know I can use someday.  Someday is the important word there.  About a year ago, I found three framed canvases with some cheap art on them, probably from World Market.  I snagged them knowing I could paint over the art and have perfectly good framed canvases!  In March, I finished two paintings using those canvas/frames.  I really am pleased with them!


“God Is Love” painting intuitively came to me.  I feel God everywhere and am so grateful to be able to to feel Love!  Acrylic & collage 23" x 33".


“Begin again” is an ode to spring.  Life has its seasons.  It’s a beautiful feeling to come out of winter’s slumber to see hints of colorful growth.  Acrylic & collage 23" x 33".