Torrey Pines Abstract

My dear friend, Sunah, visited during this past winter break.  We go way back to middle school!  While here, she was able to see my paintings in person and commissioned me to paint an abstract for her.  Going by a color palette inspired from one of Sunah's favorite parks in San Diego, Torrey Pines, I created this landscape abstract for her.  I love to layer collage ephemera into my artwork, so I asked Sunah for suggestions.  Her husband is Chinese-American and she is Korean-American.  Sunah suggested Chinese and Korean calligraphy.  Great idea!  Other than that, Sunah gave me free reign of what to create.  At least for me, I was excited and nervous at the same time.  Artistic freedom is fantastic.  However, your artistic preferences might not be what your client likes!  Luckily, Sunah loved it!  That makes me really happy.  

Acrylic and collage ephemera. 30" x 30"

Hanging up in Sunah's condo in La Jolla.  I am thankful for my friends...

Hanging up in Sunah's condo in La Jolla.  I am thankful for my friends...

Repurposing With A Purpose


I get great satisfaction when I am able to repurpose things.  Especially items I find in the alley and I know I can use someday.  Someday is the important word there.  About a year ago, I found three framed canvases with some cheap art on them, probably from World Market.  I snagged them knowing I could paint over the art and have perfectly good framed canvases!  In March, I finished two paintings using those canvas/frames.  I really am pleased with them!


“God Is Love” painting intuitively came to me.  I feel God everywhere and am so grateful to be able to to feel Love!  Acrylic & collage 23" x 33".


“Begin again” is an ode to spring.  Life has its seasons.  It’s a beautiful feeling to come out of winter’s slumber to see hints of colorful growth.  Acrylic & collage 23" x 33".

New website, new logo, & new endeavor!


At the beginning of 2017, I embarked on a new endeavor that I'll talk about in a minute.  I created a new website for my new "thing"(let's just call FY for now).  Since I created a new website, I decided to revamp my artist blog from Typepad and combine the two into one website:!!!  

Transferring years of blogging took a long time to do.. There was no easy "export" magic button to press, but I took my time and did it right.  It took learning how to navigate SquareSpace to create my new website.  Now I can manage it on my own!  Take a moment and browse around my website.  I'd love your input as to how I can improve it!

So for my BIG announcement, I am taking a course to become a certified Face Yoga instructor!  Wait, what?  You'll just have to find out more information about it on......yes, that's right..... my new website!!  Check it out!