Why Take A Face Yoga Workshop?

  • More benefit from instructor guidance

  • Questions you have can be answered immediately

  • You'll easily learn how to implement Face Yoga into your life

  • Meet other people with the same interest of natural skin care

  • It's a great act of self-care


There is a lot of great information to share about Face Yoga on how to encourage more healthier and younger looking skin.  Especially with the facial exercises, there are over 70 of them to target certain muscles in the face!  It's similar to going to a yoga class.  The instructor is there to assist you in your poses.  The slightest correction can make all the difference in the benefits from doing the pose.  The same with Face Yoga.  You want to learn how to do the poses correctly to get the most benefit.  The group setting is wonderful because it's great to meet other people interested in natural skin care like yourself!  A Face Care Workshop is also a great act of self-care for yourself!  The benefits not only will improve your complexion, they will improve your overall health!

1st Face Yoga Workshop will be Saturday, June 17th 9:30 to 11:00 at University Hills Library!