Let's take a Face Yoga quiz!

It's pretty amazing to think that our face alone has 43 muscles.  It makes sense to have so many in order to create our many expressions!  

Some of the problems we come across as we age are:

  • If we don't exercise our body, our muscles lose tonality.  Same with our faces because of all those muscles we have up there!
  • If we create an expression often, like frowning for instance, we will start to create unwanted lines.

For example, take a look at my photo to the left where I'm concentrating/frowning.  Look at the lines it creates on my forehead!  Now, imagine holding that expression for much of the day.  No wonder lines are created that way!  

That is where Face Yoga comes in.  You will learn how to tone your face for a firmer complexion, how to become more mindful of the expressions that are causing those aging lines and learn healthy lifestyle tips that will greatly benefit your skin from the inside out.  By attending my workshops or 1-on-1 sessions, you will learn how to incorporate Face Yoga so you can age gracefully and naturally.  Let's start working those face muscles!  Sound good?