How I Got Into Face Yoga

Many people look into the mirror and suddenly are surprised at what they see.  " Wow, I look older than I feel.  What happened?!"  Well, that was me last year.  So, I started to do some research on how I could solve this problem.  I certainly wasn't going to have Botox or plastic surgery done.  So what were my natural options?  

That is when I came across Face Yoga.  It totally made sense to exercise your face muscles like you would the rest of your body.  The first video I found was this one with the beautiful Rhanjana Khan.  I loved the 7-8 exercises she shares, but I wanted more!  That's when I came across Fumiko Takatsu's website,  It is jam-packed with information about her Face Yoga Method she developed!  What really intrigued me was the fact I believed a lot in what she was saying.  For instance, Fumiko really believes in treating your skin well by not only doing Face Yoga, but also eating healthy and also implementing mindfulness into your life.  YES, that all maked total sense to me!  What a total new concept of skincare:  a holistic approach from the inside out!

This was fall of 2016 and I immediately implemented Face Yoga into my skincare regime.  Taking before and after photos helped a great deal in measuring the improvements.  Take a look for yourself:


Look how much my complexion is more even toned after just 3 months!  I sound like a commercial right?  But it's true!  I have less dark circles under my eyes, my eyes look brighter and the areas next to my nose is less meaty.  I think I look younger.  More importantly, I look more alive, more confident and more happier.  BTW, I only have eyeliner and mascara on in both photos.

Toward the end of 2016, Fumiko announced that she was going to certify instructors outside of Japan for the first time starting 2017!  I was loving her natural method of skincare and felt like this was my calling!  I told Steve, "This might sound strange, but I really want to become a certified Face Yoga Instructor!"  My forever supportive husband's reply was, "Go for it!",  

So, here I am about to become an official Face Yoga teacher very, very soon!  Not to worry, I will continue my love of painting.  In my next blogpost, I'll talk about the "WHY" of doing Face Yoga.  Hint:  there are so many benefits I want to share with you!

If you have someone who would be interested in Face Yoga, could you please share my website with them?  Just click on the share button down below.  I'd really appreciate it, thank you.  As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.