Artist Statement

To me, painting on a blank canvas is similar to a sculptor carving into an untouched block of clay.  It is a process of freeing the art piece that is already within the block or canvas, and the true journey is to intuitively shape and reveal it.  This approach often yields the unexpected, but it always creates something magical and authentic from my heart.
Exploring ways to visually express myself, I often experiment with mixed media; incorporating acrylics, pastels, oils and wax to create layers of depth.  Preferring to paint abstracts, I can best define my style as embracing instinct and using color to convey emotion.  I count Cezanne, Matisse and Frida Kahlo among my favorite artists.
I studied graphic design at International Fine Arts College, in Miami; and regularly show my artwork to the public at my studio (a.k.a. home sweet home).